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Mike Laurin

A big thank you to all your staff for building a great product. I bought a Cyclone crossbow from Pelkeys Archery in Saint Albans, Vt about two years ago. Up until this spring I had taken a deer, coyote, and a turkey with it. My son, David, booked a hunt at Cooper Camp in Quebec, Canada from May 26th to June 2nd, 2012 and I decided to take the Cyclone for this hunt. My 18 year old granddaughter, Macie, was making this hunt also, but was using a rifle. It was her first big hunting adventure away from home. Her first evening on stand was succesful with a 192 lb boar. I sat on stand for two evenings and only saw big mosquitoes and black flies. I was taken to a different stand the third afternoon and a small bear came in around 5:05. He tipped the barrel over with the opening away from me. I held off from shooting it and I'm thankfull I did. At 6:15 a thunder storm rolled in and that made me a little nervous about being up in a metal ladder stand with lightning all around me. The storm moved on and the Quebec bush setteled down again and the black flies reappeared. I kept thinking I was seeing black bears sneeking into the clearing out of the corner of my eyes, but they were only black fyies crawling around on my head net as they had done the previous two evenings. Another black fly to my left side, I thought, but this one was moving slower and was dissappearing behind the sparse tree cover and reappearing. I realized this was a bear and a big one. He made his way to the bait and walked behind the barrel. He finally turned to face the open end of the barrel which put him quartering to me, reached in with his right front leg and in doing so he repositioned the barrel to a broadside attitude. He then turned to face the opening which positioned him broadside to me with his front leg reaching forward into the barrel.

Everything was perfect for the shot, now. The 22 yard shot hit him in the heart and the Parker bolt was a pass through. He jumped, growled and disappeared behind the spruces. About six to eight seconds later I heard his death moan. He had only gone twentyfour yards and expired. It took me about ten minits to stop shaking and get out of the stand. When I reached him I discovered he had a white "V" and white patch on his chest. He weighed in at 341 lbs. That was the largest for the week at the camp. As I was walking from the downed bear back to the stand I saw another big bear approching the bait! We had a face off for a half minute, but then he turned and headed away, thankfully. While I was waiting for my guide to pick me up that evening, two more thunder storms rolled in on me. You could say I had quite an adventure that day.

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