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3. Write a story to go along with the photo (ie: name of hunter, location of kill, what bow was used, size of animal, where you bought the bow from, etc).
4. Send photo with story to: and place "For Parker photo gallery" in the subject line.


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Clay Starner

7 November 2011 3:20pm
170 lbs Live Weight
140 lbs Field Dressed
22-inch Inside Spread

50 Yard Shot with the Parker Buck Buster Crossbow with 20 Red Hot Crossbow Bolts

He went 21 Yards and went down!

I was literally in the stand for 5 minutes when I spotted this buck! He walked to my left side and when I saw the hole in the leaves he was going to step into, I ranged it with the rangefinder, it said 49.5 yards. So when he stepped into the opening, I already had the 50 yard reticle waiting for him. I bleated with my voice, he stopped. I put the 50 yard crosshairs where I wanted to shoot and squeezed the trigger. I heard the bolt hit him, and he trotted off.

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