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Bob Burgett

This bear was taken Oct 1st 2010 at 7:15 pm on opening day of this years bear hunt. It was taken on our property in the mountains east of Hartshorn, OK.- Latimer Co.. We bought this property 2 years ago and last year when we put up our cameras prior to deer season we had several bears show up in the pictures. My husband wanted to hunt a bear since it was the first year Oklahoma opened up a bear season, but two weeks prior to the season opening we no longer had pictures of any bears in our cameras. This year he decided to start early and feed the bears so they would stay until bear season opened up Oct 1st. Since you can only take a bear with a bow, me and my husband had to purchase and practice using a bow. For Christmas he purchased a compound bow for me and a Horton crossbow for himself. In July using crossbows become legal for everyone in the state of Ok (you didn't have to have a special permit anymore) so I wanted him to purchase me a crossbow also. While shopping in Gander Mtn. one day, the salesman showed us several different brands of crossbows and we came across the Parker Buck Buster crossbow and my husband had to have it so his Horton crossbow was passed on to me. He has to have the best and he found it. In Sept. we decided it was time to really practice since this was all new to us. My husband really wanted to get a bear this year so we chained a 55gal drum to a tree near his tree stand, cut two holes in it and fed this bear anything we could think of just to keep it there. The camera showed at least 5 different bears coming and going and there were a couple pretty good sized ones. On Oct 1st 2010 we both left our cabin at 6:30am, me hunting for deer and him hunting for his bear. Around 11am he called me on the radio to have me bring some clippers up to clip a branch that was blocking his view of the barrell. While I was up there I checked the camera and two of the bears had been there all night eating so my husband decided he would come in and go out in the evening time since they probably were resting somewhere. At 3pm we headed back to our stands. I came in arround 5pm and waited on him. At 7:35pm I heard my husbands ranger come in. He came into the cabin and said "I need some help". I asked "did you get one?" and he said "yes, and it's huge!". My brother and his wife were also camped out with us and we all went up to find this bear. It was getting dark and we had no idea how big it was until we came upon him. Our first thought was "how are we going to get him loaded?". My brother had a winch on his four wheeler so we figured we could winch him up with that. WRONG! The rope we used broke in two. I went back to the cabin and got 3 2x4's and placed them at the tailgait of our ranger. We tied rope around the body under the front and back legs and hooked them together in the center of his body. We ran the rope around the side gates of our ranger and hooked the winch to the center rope on the bear. We slowly winched the bear to the 2x4"s. This bear was just not going! We pulled and pushed and inch by inch 2hours later, we finally got him in the ranger (as you can see it was a tight fit). My husband was told to gut him and pack him on ice and meet the ranger in the morning to check him in. At 10am he met with the ranger and the scale they used just went to 380lbs so needless to say the scale broke! He was told the bear was 10years old. They took some hair and a back tooth and he measured 85inches tall from nose to tail. He was told he would have to get his weight and call them back with it so off to the meat processing plant he went. He weighed 463lbs and the ranger said they would have to calculate the hoof weight so that would put him over 600lbs. The skull measured 20 & 10/16 and will need to dry for 60days for the official measurement. Never did we dream of this bear taking the state record in OK. Thank you Parker Bows for making my husbands dream come true! Oh yeah, he went back and found the arrow. This crossbow is so fast there wasn't a drop of blood on the arrow! Sorry for the lengthy e-mail.

Lisa Burgett

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