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Eric Hinds

I just wanted to thank you yet again for producing top notch bows. I have just recently purchased a leftover Frontier 2 Plus off the factory shelf and I must say this bow rocks. I was on the 6th morning of my 10 day hunt and was actually able to call in 3 cows and long behold a Bull came along with them. The Bull was heard from well over a mile away Bugling and chuckling all the way down the mountain towards my position. I elected to stay put since the elk were coming my direction and the wind was in my favor. It took 30 minutes for the elk to reach my location with the cows in the lead and the 6X6 Bull bringing in the rear. The Bull initially came out at 40 yards and my heart started pounding. By the time I talked myself down from the rush and was calmly able to pick the right pin and spot on the Bull he was quartering away at 65 yards. I let the arrow fly and immediately upon release knew it was an awesome shot. The power of this bow broke one rib on the left side on entry, passed through the lung cavity, blew through the center of the right shoulder blade and the broad head was sticking 1 foot out of the right shoulder. All My friend Steve Yelton “POPS” and I could find was the front half of my arrow that the Bull snapped off after the shot. The Bull made it 100 yards before piling up and all that was left to do is pack him out. Thank you for building this supremely powerful bow, I still cannot believe at 65 yards this bow was cable of such a shot. It was a trip and experience of a life time and I will never forget my first Bull elk.

Eric Hinds

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