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Billy Cadeau

Well guys, my son Billy has done it again. He is becoming a real hunting machine!!! Last year he killed his first turkey, with a shotgun, but this year he said he wanted to do it with a crossbow. Well, as you can imagine, I was pretty happy to hear that!!! We were out this morning with our good buddy Russ, and I had birds working right away, LOTS of birds. We also saw so many deer I lost count. Had three deer come right into the decoys, and I thought one doe was going to kiss my jake decoy. It was pretty awesome. We were hoping to possibly pull off a double, as Russ has not got his first yet, and is also hunting with a bow, but it didn't come off as planned.

Around 6:30 - 6:45, as we were watching a tom breed hens in the field behind us about 200 yards away, Russ whispered that there was a bird right behind us. He had come in silent, even with all of the gobbling going on this morning. I looked, and he was literally about 15 feet behind us. We were not in a blind either, just sitting on the ground against a split rail fence. I quietly told Bill that the bird was coming around us, and to get ready. He already had the Parker Cyclone up on the kneepod, and was waiting for him when the bird entered the field at less than 5 yards away, and headed right to the decoys. It all happened so fast that I didn't even have time to get the videotape rolling!!

When the bird got right beside the first hen decoy, Bill let him have it, and the bird flopped over a couple of times and was dead. He could not have made a better shot!!!! He absolutely "12 ringed" it. The Redhot arrow is travelling at 354fps, and with a 3 blade Rocket Hammerhead, it is an unbelievable combination. I am so proud of him, he has become a heck of a hunter. Afterwards, I am not sure who was more excited, me or him!!! I almost cried, which is not hard for me to do.

Anyway, it was a beautiful jake, with about a 4" beard, an absolutely awesome bird for a 14 year old to shoot with a bow. He says now he understands why I choose to shoot everything with a bow, that the rush and exhilaration is something you have to experience. I cannot agree more. I think we might be selling our turkey shotgun!!!!


Rob Cadeau
(Parker Field Staff Team Member)

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