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To submit a photo for consideration to be featured on Parker's website, follow the steps below:

1. Image must be below 1 mb in file size.
2. Photo must have Parker product featured in a presentable fashion (we will make some exceptions for images without product).
3. Write a story to go along with the photo (ie: name of hunter, location of kill, what bow was used, size of animal, where you bought the bow from, etc).
4. Send photo with story to: and place "For Parker photo gallery" in the subject line.


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Mark Allen

Hello. I was looking at the pictures on your website and all I saw was pictures of whitetails so I thought I would send you one of the elk I harvested this last year with my Parker Phoenix 34. My bow has the E-Z draw cam on it as well and was by far the nicest bow I shot when I went to my local archery shop and picked it out a few years ago. I liked it far better than any of the Mathews, Hoyt's, Martin's or whatever else they had in stock. I used a NAP 100 gr Thunderhead broad head and everything else on the bow came with the outfitter package except a few extra sims vibration dampeners that I added. The bow was so quiet before that I really didn't notice much difference when adding the dampeners. It ended up being an 18 yard shot and he went less than 100 yards. So far I have only harvested one deer and this one elk with my bow but if I am ever lucky enough to draw the tag I may be sending you a picture of my Idaho moose that I plan to take with my Parker. If the time ever comes that I feel I need to replace this setup I will definitely be buying another Parker. Thank you for an amazing product.

Mark Allen

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