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Steve Yelton

Parker Hornet

I have hunted Mule Deer and Elk for over 35 years. Mostly with a rifle and have seen many taken and none as exciting as the 280 bull I took this year. Many things went right! The first thing that went right was I was able to draw this bull away from his cows and after hunting hard for three weeks, this was the first bull to come to my calls and leave his cows. Hunting DYI on public land in Western Colorado has its challenges. The 2nd thing that went right with this hunt was the scent control I used, for when the bull came around the oak brush he was only 15 yards away and I was in full view of him. He sniffed and listened to me breath and probably heard my heart pounding. After an hour long staring match or maybe a couple of minutes, he moved away and stop just behind some brush 35 yards away. Still wondering where the bull was that challenged him, he eased back towards me, still in full view waiting for him to either bolt or turn to give me shot, I stood there hoping for the latter. He then turned broadside, but was still staring a hole through me. The next minute also seemed like a lifetime, since this was the best bull I had a chance at my entire life. He then took a step and put his head down behind a small bush so I came to a full draw with my Hornet. He of course heard me and began the staring contest again. I very seldom get buck fever, but I did injure my left elbow earlier and almost released an arrow with a twitch, but I caught myself and regain my composure. With him still winning the staring contest I anchored again and release the carbon arrow and wouldn’t you know it, he began to move off. The next thing that went right was the 100 gr. striker broad head at 33 yards I released went through the left front shoulder shattering the leg bone like a rifle shot and then deflecting down into the heart with 6 inches of penetration. The Striker did not even have a nick in the hard point but the blades were nearly destroyed by the time the bull expired. The bull sheered my G7 arrow off and ran about 250 yards before expiring. At the age of 52 what a challenge and a thrill this hunt was.

I am a land surveyor in Western Colorado, a Colorado native and happily married with a supportive wife. I have hunted for over 35 years and harvested some 30 elk, but none as large or exciting as this bull.

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