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Stephen Borud


Guys and Gals

Just thought you might want a picture of a bull elk my friend Stephen Borud shot in Wyoming on Sept. 16, 2008. We had just about gotten to the top of the mountain on 4 wheelers when we spotted a herd of elk. This heard had 25 cows and 15-18 bulls from spikes to a 350+ 6X7. The elk were sky lining themselves so we quickly shut the 4 wheelers off and watch them till they went over the mountain. We quickly started after them soon after the last cow went over the ridge. When we got almost to the top we heard a bull
bulge and immediately set up. I was running a video camera to get this event on film Stephen set up to the right of me about 40 yards because there was a small saddle where we thought they would cross on their way to the calling.

Stephen would have about a 10 yard shot or closer so we thought. It was a beautiful morning the sun just coming up over the mountains about 7 am. When Stephen was
set up I started calling the heard was on the next ridge by now and I had to really turn on these bulls to get them to come to us. I was very aggressive on my calling and soon the bulls were bringing the cows to us. The bulls were bulging and cows were talking it was really something to hear since I could not see what was going on. After about 20-25 minutes of calling I could hear some elk walking in front of Stephen I slowed down my calling so not to spook the elk by being to aggressive. I could see Stephen glassing and looking at elk but I did not know where exactly they were. I was still recording all of the sounds but no elk yet. I soon seen Stephen pick up his range finder and start to range things next to me I soon seen what he was ranging. I seen from the corner of my eye movement I slowly turn my head it was a 6x6 bull not 3 yards from me. I glanced at Stephen and he
was at full draw and he than released the arrow. He hammered the bull low in the heart angling up into his lungs. The bull ran 5-8 yards from me and you could see the blood pouring out of him like you were pouring water out of a one gallon jug. I kept calling and he went 80 yards and laid down and expired. I did not get the kill on video but I got the arrow being released in my direction and flashing past me and the camera also the violent sound of the arrow hitting the bull and passing thru him. What a sound. We gave the bull 50 minutes and than retrieved Stephens trophy. A 6x6 bull that green scores 275 1/8 inches. What a day to remember and one to never forget.

Stephen shoots an Parker (Hunter-Mag possibly) from 1999.

Lane Johnson
Williston, ND

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