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Joseph R.

Maryland Resident/Hawaiian Goat

As told by Joseph's Dad, Jeff:

"We arrived in Hawaii at night, what a site the next morning waking to a 10,000' volcanic mountain and the Pacific Ocean as far as you could see. We were scheduled to hunt the next morning at dawn half way up the mountain."

"The guide picked us up and we arrived at the first area we hunted at first light, this was so cool everything was different vegetation, terrain and climate. Entering a guava forest we stalked with our bows for wild boar, upon seeing one we tried to loop around him for a good shot half way through the stalk we accidentally spooked a large sow and her piglets, we tried to close the gap again, but were discouraged when a large herd of cattle pushed our quarry out of range. We hiked on but could find no more boar, but did see a couple mongoose. The goats are late risers so we started to see a few here and there standing up at about 300 yards."

"The guide suggested we relocate to an area where the owner of the ranch had seen some real monsters with large horns. Joseph's eyes lit up he was so psyched. We drove and then hiked for about a half mile we were about to break for lunch when Joseph spotted some movement in a thick knoll overgrew with underbrush it was a small herd of goat. I watched as the guide and my son slowly stalked around and onto the knoll. They stopped, the guide
pointed and Joseph drew silently and released. I thought he shot to quick but I was wrong, his Parker Buckshot bow preformed quickly, quietly and with more knockdown power than any small bow should have. I was shocked at 27 yards he shot the arrow through a football size window in the undergrowth. To make a lethal neck shot through the main artery. The arrow also exited the thick muscle. I said ok we can break for lunch, but the guide explained there is no waiting on this mountain named after the Sun. The blood dries up and is hard to track so right back to business. 20 minutes later Joseph had
his first bow hunting trophy."

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