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Patented Capture Nocks

Over the past few years, crossbow designs and technology have advanced tremendously, resulting in (a) increased speeds (300+ fps), (b) greater forces, (c) more compact designs and (d) more acute string angles. With all of this development, current nock technology has not kept pace. In fact, existing flat and moon nock designs were developed decades ago and can result in complications and even failures when used in today’s high performance crossbows. Until Now…

The introduction of Parker’s New Patented Capture Nock is a giant leap forward in nock technology - enhancing accuracy, improving safety and increasing durability. In developing the Capture Nock, the product development team at Parker conducted extensive testing of all nocks currently available on the market and all leading brands of crossbows.

Branded under the RED HOT label, the Capture Nock is noticeably improved from all other nocks on the market in the following ways:

1) The Capture Nock throat is cast much deeper than standard moon nocks. It is visually easier to identify that there is a right way and wrong way for the arrow/nock to be loaded, and to be properly seated against the string.
2) The Capture Nock has longer “tabs” to fully “capture” the string. This enhanced string engagement ensures the string is fully seated in the throat of the nock and prevents the string from “over” or “under” shooting the nock/arrow during the shot, which can cause a crossbow to dry-fire or partially dry-fire.
3) The Capture Nock also has a radius at the base of the nock throat to aid in the smooth transition of the string from an acute angle at full draw, to flat at rest. The net result is better accuracy.
4) The Capture Nock is also beefed-up at the collar, providing even more strength and durability.

Available in Red and Florescent Green, the tunable15 grain Capture Nocks are factory installed on all 2011 RED HOT and Parker Hunter branded arrows. They are also available in a 12 pack as an accessory.

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