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Sean McKenty with Parker Crossbow

Parker Field Staff member shoots first FITA perfect score.

Many crossbow enthusiasts are searching for the answer to the question “who makes the most accurate crossbow?”
On February 21st, 2010, Sean McKenty of Belle River, Ontario competed in the 2010 FITA Indoor Provincial 10 Ring Championships. Using a “Stock non-modified” Parker Spartan Crossbow, a popular hunting model that retails for a mere $399.95, Sean posted the first ever perfect score of 600. The closest score in the compound bow freestyle division was 596.
A month previous to Sean’s FITA win, he also won the NFAA Indoor championships posting a perfect score of 300 with 59x’s with the same Parker hunting crossbow.

With the crossbow market rapidly evolving and expanding recreational shooting is becoming more popular every year, many enthusiasts are also seeking the spirit of competition. When asked about the significance of his championship performance Sean said “I have competed all my life with a compound bow, and travelled much of the world while doing it, I wanted a new challenge. I personally believe the crossbow is at home on a range as any other choice of archery equipment is. I wanted to prove to myself and others that the a crossbow is much more than just a hunting tool”

Adam Thomas, President of the Ontario Archers Association had commented “Ontario has enjoyed a 30 year history of crossbow hunting. The Ontario Association of Archers (OAA) has openly welcomed crossbows at our championship events for quite a number of years. Crossbow shooters from all over Ontario are able to compete against one another, whether they are from the far north or south. Welcoming crossbows into the ranks of competition or just recreational shooting on a Sunday afternoon is positive for everyone who enjoys the shooting sports. The OAA is looking forward to seeing the crossbow category grow, and Sean's score will certainly attract some attention to those seeking a venue to compete."

“Our team at Parker Crossbows is committed to engineering and manufacturing modern crossbows with accuracy, performance, quality and durability as the cornerstones of our design. We believe our products will enhance our customers experience in the field or on the range. All of us at Parker are very proud of Sean’s accomplishment, and are flattered a world class archer chose Parker for his equipment.” - Paul Vaicunas, Senior Vice President, - Parker Bows.

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