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R. Vance Stallard


Good News, I won my 2nd consecutive VBA State 3D Championship this past week-end at Augusta Archers in Staunton, VA. The 2008 Shooting Star has another notch in it's belt. I appreciate the update of my 08 Shooting Star to bring it to the 2009 specifications. The string shock suppressor made an already wonderful shooting bow, even more comfortable.
Thank You and the great staff at Woodbrook Sports in Charlottesville, VA for you encouragement and support.

Best Regards,
R. Vance Stallard


Just wanted to update you on the VBA State tournament I participated in this past week-end.
The State open was held at Sherwood Archers in Roanoke VA with around 95 shooters participating.
In the AMBHFS division I finished 3rd with a 2 day score of 1093 out of a possible 1134. The Parker Shooting Star did a wonderful job. It holds it own in the events filled with Bowtech, Hoyt and Mathews. It was nice shooting in the final group with Nationally ranked shooters. I finished 16 points out of 1st place which isn't bad for my second event of this type.
In the 10 months I have been shooting the Parker Shooting Star, I have 2 VBA State 3D Championships, one 3rd place Field Archery finish, and numerous 1st place and top 5 3d tournament results.
The Shooting Star is a solid performer and deserves it's place among the Top Bows in the industry.
Once again a big "Thank you" to the fine folks at Woodbrook Sports in Charlottesville VA., Parker Bows, Copper John Sights, Easton Archery, and Tru-Ball for your fine products and support.

Best regards,
Vance Stallard


In the past year I have been shooting a Red and Black Shooting Star Competition Bow supplied to me by Woodbrook Sports in Charlottesville VA. I have Won 2 Virginia 3D State Championships, one 2nd Place In The Virginia IBO State , and a 4th Place finish in the very competitive ASA Virginia State Tournament. I also competed in the VBA State Open Field Tournament this past spring and finished 3rd in the 2 day event. I shoot this Bow approximately 40 shots per day practice at least 5 days a week, and the Shooting Star has performed Flawlessly. I estimate I have shot over 12,000 shots including tournaments with this Bow. I am 50 years of age and at 66 lb of draw weight it has never felt difficult to draw. I am pleased that Parker has a Tournament Ready Bow and being a Virginia Bow Company gives me great Pride as a Virginian to shoot The Parker Shooting Star.
I look forward to Shooting this Great Bow to many more wins.

Best Regards,
Robert Vance Stallard


I Had a great time at my first "Big" archery event. The IBO Worlds in Ellicottville NY had an estimated 2000 shooters from around the Country and the World.
My week started with nerves trying to be kept in check. I had a lot of friends and family praying for me and that was greatly appreciated.
Thursday the first day was 20 targets at unknown distances from 0-35 yards. I shot decent posting 194 with 4 x's. The second day a different range 20 targets at unknown distances from 0-35 yards max in my class (Hunter Class) I shot a much better 203 with 10 x's. My total for the 2 days was 397 with 14 x's. Very respectable. That placed me 14th in score tied with 2 others, and placement put me at 23rd in line out of the 220 shooters in the Hunter Class. I didn't win but I finished in the top 10-1/2 % which surpassed my goal for the event.
I learned a lot and believe my future in future events to be promising.
My Parker Shooting Star is quite a Bow and I believe it is as good as any I've seen or shot.
I have another State shoot planned in September and plan on being ready once again to put the Shooting Star in the Mix.
My archery Supporters are as followed:
Woodbrook Sports in Charlottesville VA supplying my Parker Bow.
T.R.U. Ball and Axcel Sights providing release and sights.
DMI archery products providing my arrow rest.

Thanks again for your support,
Robert V. Stallard

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