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StingRay Features & Benefits Red Hot Premium Scopes Red Hot EZ Roller Rope Cocker  
StingRay Features & Benefits See why our Red Hot Crossbow Scopes are the Best Reduce Cocking Effort by 50% Using the EZ Roller Rope Cocker  
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Crossbow Safety Features

The StingRay is designed to deliver superior performance in the growing sport of Bowfishing.

The StingRay is ideal for both fresh and salt water Bowfishing, as well as hunting a variety of Bowfishing game. The StingRay is compact and lightweight, weighing-in at only 7.5 pounds, making it incredibly easy to maneuver, aim and shoot on the water. The StingRay features an adjustable draw weight range from 100 - 125 pounds, so it can be customized to your Bowfishing game. And the draw weight adjustment can be made without the need for any special tools, a bow press or additional parts.

The StingRay comes complete with everything you need to hit the water, including the crossbow, an Open Sight, the AMS Retriever Pro Bowfishing Reel, Bowfishing Arrow and Mounting Hardware. The AMS Retriever Pro Bowfishing Reel offers fast, simple operation with zero drag and excellent line control. It includes 25 yards of 200 pound high-visibility braided Dacron line and an integrated arrow quiver. The Bowfishing Arrow includes a Muzzy Gator Getter Point. The StingRay is appropriately decorated in Fishouflage Camo, and like all Parker crossbows features the EZ Pull System, which reduces cocking effort by over 50% when using a Red Hot EZ Roller Rope Cocker.


  • Modern, Light Weight, Ultra Compact Design
  • G2 Bull-PupTrigger
    - Auto-engage, Ambidextrous Safety
    - Auto-engage Anti Dry-fire Mechanism
  • Vented Forearm with Safety Finger Flange
  • Optimal Balance Point for Improved Accuracy
  • RED HOT String
  • AMS Retriever Pro Bowfishing Reel (Right Side Crank) with 200 feet of Hi-Vis Braided Dacron Line and 2 AMS Safety Slide Kits.
Arrow Alignment
WARNING! Without proper alignment of bolt and nock, a dry-fire could occur.

  • Use only AMS Bowfishing 1600 Gr. Arrow included with the StingRay

  • Inspect Arrow and Nock for damage BEFORE each shot.

  • Avoid ALL Obstructions when shooting.
Outfitter Package Accessories
Option of Optic:
  • Open Sight

StingRay also includes, Reel, Line, Bow Fishing Arrow and Mounting Hardware.
Draw Weight
100-125 (Adjustable)
Power Stroke
Machined Aluminum
Ballistic Polymer
Stock Length
Mass Weight
7.5 lbs
RED HOT Synthetic
  • Outfitter with Open Sight - $499.95

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