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Concorde Features & Benefits Parker Hunter Crossbow Arrows Red Hot Premium Scopes One Minute Crossbow Challenge
Concorde Features & Benefits See why our Hunter Carbon Arrows are superior to the competition. See Why Our Red Hot Crossbow Scopes are the Best One Minute Crossow Challenge
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Crossbow Safety Features

For a limited time, when you purchase a Parker Concorde crossbow, you get a certificate to redeem towards a FREE Perfect Storm Package ($234 Value).

Parker Bows does it again with the launch of another industry first: the Parker Concorde Crossbow with the patented Quick Draw System - the first ever automatic cocking crossbow. The Concorde redefines the modern hunting crossbow with push-button ease of operation and 300+ feet per second performance.

At the heart of the Concorde is Parker's patented Quick Draw System, which features a CO2 powered internal cocking mechanism. The Quick Draw System is operated by simply pressing a button that is recessed into the rear of the butt stock. By pressing the button, the Concorde automatically draws the string into the fully-cocked position. It really is that easy. Plus, it cocks the crossbow in approximately two (2) seconds and is whisper quiet in its operation. The factory installed and tuned Anti-Vibration and Shock (AVS) System comes equipped on the Concorde to reduce noise and vibration for ultimate concealment.

The CO2 is supplied via a standard, refillable 9 ounce CO2 bottle. A full bottle can cock the Concorde approximately 50 times.

In addition to cocking the Concorde, the Quick Draw System also allows you to quickly and easily "Un-Cock" the crossbow with the same push of a button.

The Concorde Crossbow includes a 9oz Co2 bottle, Premium RED HOT Optic, Four Arrow Quick Detach Quiver, Four Arrows with Field Points.

  • Push Button Simplicity - Effortless Operation
  • Auto-UnCocking
  • Modern Compact Design
  • Next "Vista" Camo with Soft Touch Finish
  • String Suppressors
  • Red Hot String
Arrow Alignment
WARNING! Without proper alignment of bolt and nock, a dry-fire could occur.
  • Use ONLY Red Hot or Parker Hunter Arrows in Parker Crossbows.
  • Use Capture Nocks ONLY
  • Load Arrow Correctly - Proper Nock Alignment and Full Contact with String.
  • Cock Vane should be in a downward vertical position in the track; nock groove should be horizontal with the string.
  • Use 400 grain MINIMUM Arrows
  • Inspect Arrow and Nock for damage BEFORE each shot.
  • Avoid ALL Obstructions when shooting.
Outfitter Package Accessories
Option of Optic:

  • Outfitter w/3X Multi Reticle Scope w/ FREE Perfect Storm Package ($234 Value)
  • Outfitter w/1X Illum MR Scope w/ FREE Perfect Storm Package ($234 Value)
  • Outfitter w/3X Illum MR Scope w/ FREE Perfect Storm Package ($234 Value)
  • Outfitter w/3X Pin-Point Scope w/ FREE Perfect Storm Package ($234 Value)

    All packages include a 9oz Co2 bottle, 4 Arrow Quick Detach Quiver and 4 Arrows with Field Points
Perfect Storm Package
Perfect Storm Package - Everything You Need in One Package.

  • Concorde w/Quick Draw System Crossbow
  • Illuminated Multi-Reticle Scope or Pin Point Scope
  • 6 RED HOT High Velocity Arrows
  • 1 RED HOT Roller Rope Cocker
  • 3 RED HOT Crosspro 100 Broadheads
  • 6 100 gr. match weight field points
  • 1 RED HOT Crossbow Sling
  • 1 RED HOT Wax and Lube Kit
  • 1 RED HOT Soft Crossbow Case

Draw Weight
175 lbs
Power Stroke
Camo Pattern
Next "Vista" with Soft Touch finish
Arrow Speeds
300 FPS

*Speed with 20", 400 grain total weight carbon arrow
Machined Aluminum
Machined Aluminum
Stock Length
34 1/2"
Axle to Axle Width
RED HOT Synthetic

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