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Gone are the days of long, clunky, and heavy crossbows. Parker is leading the way in performance, style and value with the Enforcer. Inspired by the popularity of the number one selling Tornado, the Enforcer borrows some of the comfort and ergonomic lines of its up line cousin. The vented forearm and safety finger flange are incorporated into the front end of the stock, and the aggressive thumb hole and pistol grip are blended into the back of the stock. At a mere 7 lbs the mass weight has been dramatically reduced by skelatonizing the under-comb. Like its contemporaries, the Enforcer is engineered with Parker's Exclusive Synergy Cams that deliver greater performance and diminish the cocking effort by over 50% when paired with the RED HOT EZ Roller Rope Cocker; making Parker crossbows the easiest to cock in the industry.

The Enforcer includes a Premium RED HOT Optic, Four Arrow Quick Detach Quiver, and Four Arrows with Field Points.

  • Ultra Light Weight Design
  • Aggressive Stock Styling
  • G2 Trigger
    - Auto engage, Ambidextrous Safety
    - Anti Dry-Fire Device
  • Vented Forearm
  • Max-4 Camo
Arrow Alignment
WARNING! Without proper alignment of bolt and nock, a dry-fire could occur.
  • Use ONLY Red Hot or Parker Hunter Arrows in Parker Crossbows.
  • Use Capture Nocks ONLY
  • Load Arrow Correctly - Proper Nock Alignment and Full Contact with String.
  • Cock Vane should be in a downward vertical position in the track; nock groove should be horizontal with the string.
  • Use 400 grain MINIMUM Arrows
  • Inspect Arrow and Nock for damage BEFORE each shot.
  • Avoid ALL Obstructions when shooting.
Outfitter Package Accessories
Option of Optic:
  • Outfitter w/ MR Scope
  • Outfitter w/1X Illum MR Scope
  • Outfitter w/3X Illum MR Scope

All packages include 4 Arrow Quick Detach Quiver and 4 Arrows with Field Points
Draw Weight
160 lbs
Power Stroke
Camo Pattern
Realtree Max-4
Arrow Speeds
300 FPS

*Speed with 20", 400 grain total weight carbon arrow
Machined Aluminum
Stock Length
Axle to Axle Width
Mass Weight
7 lbs
RED HOT Synthetic
  • Outfitter w/ MR Scope - $449.95

  • Outfitter w/1X Illum MR Scope - $499.95

  • Outfitter w/3X Illum MR Scope - $499.95

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