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At a mere 3.75 pounds the Inferno bow is complimented by the comfort of the two piece walnut finished grip and braided wrist sling. The machined aluminum riser features Parker’s new tunable String Suppressor and Deluxe Roller Cable Guard. The extreme parallel limbs are anchored with micro-lite vented limb pockets.

The Inferno is offered with two limb weights of 50 to 60 pounds, and 60 to 70 pounds peak weight. The two color twist string and cables wraps around the hot new Inferno cam. The Inferno cam is designed for 100% draw length coverage from 26 to 31 inches. The Inferno cam also integrates a rock solid draw stop that is micro adjustable for customizing your anchor point to perfection.

Shooting arrows down range like maverick missiles at an impressive 320 feet per second, the 80% let-off and a compact axle to axle dimension of only 30 3/8 inches, and a generous 7 1/2” brace height makes this an ultimate hunting bow costing hundreds less than other bows with the same features.
Machined aluminum riser features Parker's new tunable String Suppressor and Deluxe Roller Cable Guard. The riser has ten aggressive cut out vents, contributing to its feather light feel. Adding to the Inferno's curb appeal is including a braided sling, integrating it into the riser and machining a thumb carry grove in the riser shelf.
Extreme parallel limbs, anchored with micro-lite vented limb pockets.
Camo Pattern
Next G-1 Vista
NEW Inferno Cam 26" - 31" (mods included)
Speed Bearings
Sealed Bearings and Roller Guard
Parker's slim 2 piece grip in beautiful walnut burled wood grain.
Draw Lengths
26" - 31" (mods included)
Draw Weights
50-60, 60-70 lbs. (order by peak weight)
Let Off
Bow Length
30 3/8" axle to axle
Mass Weight
3.75 lbs.
Brace Height
7 1/2"
Premium Stone Mountain String
2 Color Twist
86 3/8" (pre-twisted)
Buss Cable
31 7/8" (pre-twisted)
Arrow Speeds
320 FPS
$499.95 Bow Only

$599.95 Outfitter with Hostage Style Rest OR Whisker Biscuit

$799.95 Inferno FireStorm Package

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