Walnut Grip
You simply won't find a better, high quality 100% solid walnut grip anywhere with this level of beauty and true craftsmanship.

Many hours of design, prototyping and testing went into creating a truly ergonomic feel that's comfortable to hold and assures your hand placement is consistent every time which of course reduces the natural tendency towards applying hand torque during the shot.

No grip can be all things to all archers but this Parker Walnut Grip is real close to absolute perfection. You'll know the minute you see it, hold it and shoot it that this walnut grip is heirloom quality that'll last a lifetime.

The finished grip is sanded ultra smooth and then finished with a semi-matte finish to protect the walnut and reduce potential glare from any exposed surface.

Grip is available Right handed shooters only.

Fits All Parker pre 2010 Adult model bows except BlackHawk & Field Grade.
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